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Can eye drops be used as nose drops?

Q: Can Oxymetazol 0.025% ophthalmic solution be used as nose drops if the nose drops is not available immediately.

A:Oxymetazoline (widely marketed in India) and xylometzoline (marketed in UK, Australia etc.) are similar medicines with similar actions. They are mainly used for nasal congestion. In some countries oxymetazoline 0.025% and xylometazoline, whether alone or in combination with antazoline, are also used for eye disorders such as allergic conjunctivites. Please keep in mind that all such preparations contain specific preservatives, stabilising and other inactive agents relevant to their use i.e. nose or eye. One should, therefore, use a product only for the system for which it is manufactured. There is hardly any problem in procuring nasal products (such as Sinarest PD Nasal Drops) anywhere in India.


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