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Can depressive or anxiety disorders be cured?

Q: My 64-year-old wife was diagnosed with depressive/anxiety disorder. She is under treatment for the past 5 years and is in constant touch with the psychiatrist. She has been given different doses of XET-20 for the past 2 years. But things are not settling permanently and she is getting the attack on and off. She has all the symptoms of depressive/anxiety disorder and some occasional schizophrenic symptoms. When these symptoms occur, it becomes very disturbing. Is there any treatment by which she can be fully cured of the illness? Where is it available? My family members are also suffering along with her. Please advise. I heard that drugs available in the market can cure this. Please help.

A:For many psychiatric illnesses as for physical ones, there is no cure in the sense that the person will never get the disease again. On the other hand if the patient continues to take medicines (and if one fails to try another for an adequate period of time in proper dose) then there is very good chance of spending a productive and happy life. Also it is not advisable or ethical to change medicines or diagnoses just on the basis of a few lines in a letter. If you are not fully satisfied with the treatment so far you can and should consult others, again with the above caveats in mind.


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