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Can a woman with uterine cancer have sex?

Q: One of my friend's relative was affected by cancer of the uterus. I just want to know will such women be able to have sex with their partners? How long will they live? I found no hair on her head. What are the other symptoms? Does a proper treatment cure this?

A:The quality of life after being treated for cancer uterus (including sex with the partner), survival and other complications and side effects of treatment are wholly dependant upon the stage of the cancer and the site of the cancer (cervix which is the-mouth of uterus or body of uterus). Many women afflicted with early stage disease of cervix or body of uterus live a reasonably good life for several years after surgery combined with chemotherapy. However, the most important thing is family support. The partner, especially, should be very understanding and not be too demanding as far as sex is concerned. The patient herself may be in no mood (mental state) for sex. This is certainly a very trying time for the patient and her family. Attending spiritual discourses, and being in touch with cancer help support groups help tremendously. The patients treating doctor will be able to guide her and her husband.


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