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Can a post restoration be done with only the root of a tooth?

Q: How much of a tooth structure is actually needed so that a post is possible? I have only my root left and the root canal was done three years back but only partially. My dentist says that depending on the condition, either the root will be taken out or a capping with the help of post will be done. What if I decide to leave the stub open, as I don't want to harm my supporting teeth? For how long does the capping with post last?

A:The post restoration does not only depend upon length but also on type of tooth, condition of remaining teeth, length of crown required and other biological factors etc., which can not be enumerated on e mail. Please leave this decision to the Prosthodontist. In general, it is recommended that any root which can be restored and a full tooth can be made using post and core, it is better to go for it. Not having a tooth in position can also harm your adjoining and opposing teeth. The life of a capped post and core tooth may range from few months to many years depending upon usage and expertise of the operator.


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