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Can a polio patient have a successful married and sexual life?

Q: My girlfriend is a physically challenged person. She has polio in both her legs. She can't walk properly and can only drag herself. Earlier, I loved her and decided to marry her. But now I have a doubt whether our married life will be smooth or not? Will our sex life be normal? Can she give birth to children? As per the doctor, her disability percentage is above 83%. Please advise.

A:A person affected with polio can have an active sex life. Also with regards to conception there should be no difficulties, but like the rest of the population, conception is an individualised matter. Further follow up regarding birth procedures has to be discussed individually with a gynaecologist. As in any married life there are two aspects to a successful relationship. One being the physical aspect and the other the emotional aspect. As informed about the physical aspect there should be no issues. On the emotional front a clear and frank discussion and agreement between both the partners is essential to make a successful marriage. Your commitment to your partner is essential for success.


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