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As a child I used to lie a lot, I feel guilty now?

Q: I am 33 years old male. As a teenager I used to lie a lot and say all sorts of things which were untrue to make people think that I am big. But now I am completely straight. When I meet some of my old friends I feel guilty and some of them are now working with me. Now I am well placed in life but this fact bothers me and I am unable to concentrate.

A:It is normal, common and almost an expected thing for a teenager to talk big, and unrealistic, and when we grow up, we look back with feeling a bit silly about them or laughing at them, and that is how life goes. There is nothing to make this an important issue, and your friends would also be able to understand this. Life, in present and future, has its own stresses, that trivial past stops mattering.


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