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Are these drugs effective for treating fungal infection?

Q: My wife and I are getting treated for fungal infection for the past seven years. Sometimes it gets cured and after a month or so it reappears. Of late, we have been advised to take FAS 3 Kits and Monocef - 200 (Cefpodoxime) and Clinsup-V. What does this V stands for? Two years back we were advised to apply Drez and then to Drez-V. Is there any difference between Drez and Drez-V?

A:You have not stated the site of fungal infection such as skin, nails, scalp etc. The treatment and its duration can vary from place to place. Hence I am unable to offer any comments on your problem. FAS -3 consists of fluconazole (anti-fungal), azithromycin (antibiotic - no role in fungal infections) and secnidazole (used in amoebiasis and bacterial infections - no role in fungal infections). These are taken by mouth. Monocef is an antibiotic and not an antifungal agent. Drez is a combination of metronidazole (antibacterial) and povidone iodine (antiseptic, for very mild fungal infections). Drez V is a combination of metronidazole and miconazole (antifungal agent). Candid-B contains clotrimazole (antifungal) and beclomethasone (steroids). Steroids are NEVER used in fungal infections because they will make it worse. Fintop contains butenafine - an antifungal agent. It is highly unusual for a fungal infection to last for 7 years. Please consult an expert dermatologist.


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