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Are 'over the counter' drugs safe for terminating a pregnancy?

Q: I have not yet consulted a gynaecologist for my problem but a chemist gave me two tablets for termination of the pregnancy which are - nerethindrone acetate and beplex forte tablets manufactured by Sandoz. The chemist said that I will get my periods by the 4th day. I started taking these tablets since last night so want to know if this method is safe? Will it help me in terminating pregnancy? I didn't want to consult a gyno because nobody in my family and husband's family would agree to it. Please advise as soon as possible?

A:It is not only foolish but dangerous to consume prescription only medicines without doctors prescription. It is also illegal for chemists (most of whom are lay people owning a drug store without any professional qualification) to prescribe medicines. Norethindrone is not meant for termination of pregnancy. I suggest you immediately and urgently consult either a gynaecologist or an NGO like Marie Stoppe Clinic or Family Planning Association of India etc. to avoid getting into serious trouble.


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