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Are my husband’s anger outbursts normal?

Q: I am a 23 years old female who got married eight months back. Since engagement, we are fighting on petty issues like going out with friends etc. Sometimes, during fights, he slaps and abuses me. Is this normal? We also consulted a psychiatrist who told us that he has some chemical imbalance and prescribed Parocen and some sleeping pills for three months. So far, everything is alright. My mother-in-law is also suffering from depression for the last two years. What is chemical imbalance? Is it equivalent to depression?

A:You have raised quite a few issues. The key ones are:

  • Management of anger outbursts of your husband.
  • Relationship issues with husband
  • Domestic violence and its management
  • Clarification whether this is underpinned by a psychiatric diagnosis.

It is important to understand that though anger is an emotion commonly felt by most, the issue is really about expression of anger and management of the expression. However, if anger is leading to physical violence, it can be very destructive and devastating with terrible results as is probably currently being experienced in your marital life.

If your husband is happy to engage and seek some help around exploring and managing the anger issues, visit to a clinical psychologist would be beneficial.

In any relationship, physical violence is not acceptable - though in certain cultures it has become almost like a norm- which does not make it right. There is redressal available regarding that provided you would like to follow that course. This could also be redressed through couple therapy by a psychologist.

With regard to the diagnostic clarification, your details do not elaborate, there does not seem much information to think that your husband could be having depression, and I suggest you to consult your husband's psychiatrist.


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