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Are my anger outbursts due to bipolar disorder?

Q: How do I know if I have a bipolar disorder? I was diagnosed with it years back. I also have a history of drinking alcohol. I haven't had a drink in four months. Some people told me that if I quit drinking my depression would disappear. For a while this was true, but I am feeling tired all the time and also have periods of anger outburst. I am going through a lot, as my dad is dying of cancer. My work schedule has changed to twelve hour night shifts. Is this normal, or am I crazy? I have visited a psychiatrist. But since my visit with him two weeks ago, my mood has changed to hating the world.

A:No, you are not crazy. But you must understand your problem better, stopping intake of alcohol will not control any mood change caused by Bipolar Disorder as the latter involves a number of neurological changes. To trigger off an onset alcohol is not the only causative factor. Also there is a difference between taking alcohol in excess and being an alcoholic. Being an alcoholic involves a diagnosis of the dependency and other symptoms and cannot be done without the assistance of a specialist. Your symptoms of a depressive phase could be triggered off by a change in your schedule and the other stressful circumstances at home. You must visit a psychiatrist and continue being honest with him/her, this is essential for prevention and treatment.


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