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Are koilocytic cells indicative of any infection?

Q: My pap smear test shows cervix erosion, inflammatory - nuclei, koilocytic cell with metaplasic cells. What does it mean? Is it serious? Do I need to consult my doctor?

A:The appearance of koilocytes is indicative of infection with humanpapilloma virus (HPV) infection. You need to get a cervical swab tested for high risk HPV DNA. Further management will depend upon this result. In women below 35 years, the infection in majority of cases is transient, and gets cleared spontaneously, but you need to have that it is cleared by repeat exam with HPV DNA testing (cervix swab) and a repeat Pap smear after 1 year. If it persists, you will need a colposcopy. Persistent high risk HPV infection can later (after 10 years) lead to precancer and sometimes cancer of the cervix. You have not mentioned whether or not a gynaecologist examined you before the Pap smear. Your management will also depend upon her findings.


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