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Are heavy periods a result of hypothyroidism?

Q: I am 32 years old female, 5.5 feet tall and weighing 90 kgs. I am a patient of hypothyroidism. I am suffering from heavy periods. I have to change 4 or five pads in a day. This is also accompanied with fever. Is this happening because of hypothyroidism or it is a symptom of menopause? My report is as under: T3: 40.4, T4: 1.4, TSH: 150.00, Please advise.

A:Once your thyroid functions are normalised on treatment, your periods should be controlled. However, I suggest you consult a gynaecologist immediately (if not already done) for a complete physical examination. You also need to have an ultrasound scan of the pelvis and Pap smear (if married). Further management will be on the basis of these findings and reports. You are overweight. Hopefully your endocrinologist has noted this and investigated you for this. I also suggest you to measure your temperature during menses. Normally menopause occurs only after 40 years of age.


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