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Are fibroids the reason for scanty flow during menses?

Q: I am a 29 years old female, and have a son 3.5 yrs old by a C-section. My menstrual cycles have been perfectly normal and I never had any problem. Last December, I had scanty flow during my menses. I ignored it but the same problem repeated this year too. I checked with my gynaecologist and the ultrasound report showed a subserous fibroid about 1.5 cm on the right side. She said it was perfectly OK and I would not have any problem for years. But I don't know if there is some other reason for scanty menses and what treatment I should take. I have no thyroid problem and I am not under stress. I have never had any pills or any abortions etc. Everyone talks about heavy menses with a fibroid, so is this condition uncommon? I would like to conceive again and have another child, will it be safe to conceive? I have not been advised any medication whatsoever.

A:Fibroids are benign tumours of the uterus. They usually cause heavy bleeding but your fibroid is fairly small so the likelihood of it doing anything is very low. If your periods are regular, then the amount of flow is of no major significance. I do not know what kind of contraception you are using. Some contraceptives can effect the flow. I do not think that this size of fibroid will interfere with your fertility. There is no medicine that will help with the fibroid. If you are thinking of having another baby, start taking a prenatal vitamin with folate.


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