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Are antioxidants useful for nerve pain?

Q: Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is touted to be one of the best antioxidants in existence. Yet, I have not come across any multi vitamin tablet marketed containing ALA. If you do know of any such tablet, could you please give details and do you recommend it? I have some muscle weakness in my legs due to ageing (I am 73 years old) and peripheral nerve pain. I have taken 5 injections of Nervigen that gave instant relief but I need to take it on a long-term basis, hence request for help. Nervigen tablets are not giving the same results anymore. I have been taking atorvastatin for the past five years.

A:Anti-oxidants are not indicated in every disorder; hence there is no scientific reason to include them in multi-ingredient vitamin preparations. Nervigen contains several ingredients: calcium, d-panthenol and lipoic acid. It is not indicated in any specific disorder. All the three ingredients are well absorbed when taken orally. Please also keep in mind that one of the known, and sometimes quite serious, side effect of atorvastatin is muscle weakness, muscle pain (myalgia), peripheral nerve disorders, myopathy and rhabdomyolysis (severe muscle injury) that can progress to kidney failure. Since you are taking atorvastatin for the past five years, one must determine if your complaints are not related to the ingestion of this medicine.


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