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Am I on the right treatment for social anxiety?

Q: I am a 31 years old male has been taking Xet cr (paroxetine) for the last three years for treating social anxiety. I had taken Xet cr (12.5 mg) for two years then after I was not feeling well and so the doctor increased the dose to 25 mg. Now, I am on 25 mg for the last one year. I consulted a psychiatrist, who added one more medicine - Betacap TR (40 mg). Initially, propranolol was prescribed. Am I on the right treatment for social anxiety?

A:The best person to guide you would be the psychiatrist who has assessed you in detail. Given the information shared, you are on SSRI (serotonin specific reuptake inhibitor: paroxetine) which helps in countering negative thoughts and anticipatory anxiety. You were also on propranolol (Beta Blocker) that helps in anxiety symptoms like tremors, restlessness and palpitations / increased heart beats. Regulation of medication depends on your symptoms and improvement levels. I shall suggest a Blood Thyroid test for you. I shall also suggest regular reviews with the psychiatrist and not to manipulate the medication yourself. Yoga, meditation, relaxation exercises, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), confidence enhancing and assertiveness training shall also be of help. A positive self talk shall also be of use. Remind yourself of your good qualities. At times we get so overwhelmed by our weaknesses that we forget our strengths. Do take out time for creative hobbies: they can add to your level of confidence. Do not compare yourself with others. Your true competition is with your own self.


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