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Will there be any complication in my pregnancy?

Q: I am a 29 years old pregnant woman and my due date is next month. Throughout my pregnancy, I had urinary tract infection. In my last urine test, the pus cells were 25-30, this was after taking the complete course of Gateflox 400 mg. Before that, the pus cells were in between 25-40 and my doctor had given me many antibiotics. I got my urine culture done twice and the report was always negative. Now, I have given the urine sample of three days for the TB test as per my doctor's advice. Kindly advise if there will be any complication in my pregnancy.

A:Tuberculosis is rare, and some more symptoms like fever, weight loss, anorexia, and others may also be present. Urinary infection is more likely, and is common in pregnancy, and sometimes needs a longer course of antibiotics and urinary antiseptics. Whatever the diagnosis, a small risk occurs to the fetus of prematurity, however if well treated, there should not be any problem. The Blood pressure also needs to be kept a watch on.


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