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Will the prolonged use of these drugs have a harmful effect?

Q: I had angioplasty done 10 years back and nephrectomy 3 years ago. Presently, I am taking Storvas-10; Glimer-1; Glyciphase-500; Ecosprin-75 and Repace-50. I am taking these once a day for the last 5-6 years. Are the above mentioned medicines adequate? Are these to be taken lifelong? Will the prolonged use of these medicines harm me in future? Presently my blood pressure and other blood parameters are normal. Please advise.

A:The information given by you is insufficient. You have stated that right kidney was removed in 2003 but no reasons have been given. Similarly you are taking two anti-diabetic agents (Glimer and Glyciphage) but there is no mention of your suffering from diabetes though your parents have had diabetes. Storvas is a statin (atorvastatin). It is given if the lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides) levels are high. It is also claimed to prevent 2nd heart attack. For a very long time, low dose aspirin (Ecosprin) by thinning the blood was claimed to prevent both heart attacks and stroke. However long term scientific studies have now established that aspirin actually increases the risk of haemorrhagic strokes by as much as 70 per cent in males, though not in females. Hence it is recommended that aspirin in males be replaced with clopidogrel (sold under the trade name of Noklot) 75 mg daily. Losartan (Repace 50) is given to control blood pressure. As per globally accepted evidence-based clinical guidelines, the first choice treatment for blood pressure in patients below 55 years of age should be enalapril (sold under the brand names of BQL, Enam etc.) 5-10mg once or twice daily as required. Enalapril has two added advantages: unlike other BP medicines, it does not cause impotence (in sexually active males) and it also protects the kidney in diabetic patients and hence is recommended to be used for long periods.


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