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Will the medicine Encript affect ones fertility?

Q: My Wife had severe headache and neck pain, she took some tablets but the pain continued, so doctor advised to take CT scan. And found that she is having Benign Tumour in Pituitary Gland in the head. Doctor said it is in early stage so by taking tablets continuously for 2 years we can cure this. The doctor advised to take tablets Encript 2.5 (daily 2) for 2 years. She is taking it past 4 months. For her last month period cycle started within 20 days. before that it is regular. My question is taking tablets for this tumour; will affect fertility? Any chance of becoming pregnant?

A:The tablet Encript is useful chiefly for a type of tumour of the pituitary called a prolactinoma. This is diagnosed by doing a blood test called Serum Prolactin. If serum Prolactin is not high then it is not a prolactinoma and mostly Encript will not help. If serum Prolactin is not done it should be done. If it is high, OK. If not, it is best to take a repeat scan and see what has happened to the pituitary and how big the tumour is and then decide what is to be done. To diagnose prolactinoma the level should be at least 4-5 times above upper limit of normal not just a little.


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