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Will the Cytomegalovirus affect my pregnancy?

Q: How does Cytomegalovirus affect pregnancy? The Torch test report shows Cytomegalovirus IgG 1.02 IU/ml. I had an intrauterine demise in the seventh month. All other values in the Torch test are normal. Can this be the cause of IUD?

A:I am very sorry to hear about your loss. CMV (Cytomegalovirus), is a fairly common infection. If tested, about 80 percent of the population will have a positive antibody test for this virus. In generally healthy people, the positive antibodies have no significance. If the pregnant woman gets the infection for the first time during her pregnancy, there can be problems with the baby. The problems with the fetus can be growth retardation, hearing loss, liver enlargement, vision problems, mental retardation etc. Very rarely does the first infection during pregnancy cause fetal demise. If one is already immune (positive antibodies to CMV), then there is minimal significance during pregnancy. The symptoms of CMV infection are generally like that of mononucleosis (sore throat, swollen glands, low grade fever, weakness). There is no effective treatment for this virus. Some antivirals are being tested. On the positive side, if you already have antibodies to CMV, then you have already had the infection, thus almost eliminating the possibility of it effecting any future pregnancies.


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