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Will removing the uterus affect our sex life?

Q: My wife has been diagnosed with a large fibroid in her uterus and the doctors have advised her to go in for immediate hysterectomy. I have been told that this is a routine operation and nothing to worry about. My wife and I are over 45 but still lead a fairly active sexual life. I would like to know how this operation will or could affect our sexual life? Will there be loss of sensation or natural lubrication?

A:Hysterectomy is a routine operation. You should try and get it done through a laparoscopic (minimal invasion) route. Depending upon the size, location and the type of fibroid one may be able to save the uterus also. Even if they remove the uterus they will leave the cervix, which will preserve her normal sensations during intercourse. Your sex life, including lubrication would remain unchanged even if they remove the uterus. You would already know that she will not be able to bear children.


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