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Will positive semen agglutination affect my wife’s pregnancy?

Q: I am a 30 years old male who underwent semen analysis. Positive semen agglutination was reported while other parameters are normal. What does it suggest?

A:Sperm agglutination means clumping" of sperms, which occurs mostly in infection, inflammation or due to antisperm antibodies. It inhibits the sperm ability to fertilize the egg. Antisperm antibody is seen in about 10% of infertile men and its testing in semen is usually indicated in unexplained infertility with relatively normal semen analysis, sperm agglutination and impaired sperm motility etc. According to the information you provided, probably there are no risk factors (like genital infection, genital trauma, post vasectomy and testicular torsion etc.) for developing antisperm antibodies in your case. It seems that other tests are normal so if there is no pregnancy even after trying for about 1 year then you should probably undergo Antisperm Antibody testing in semen."


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