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Will myopia reduce my chances as an eye specialist?

Q: I am a pre-final year MBBS student. I am suffering from simple myopia with -5D on the right eye and -6.5D on the left eye. I wear spectacles and contact lens. I have lattice degeneration and mild retinal tears in the retina of both eyes. I also have floaters in my vitreous. I have 6/6 vision with refractive correction. I would like to pursue a post-graduation in Ophthalmology followed by a Fellowship in Vitreo-Retinal surgery. Will any of my visual disorders hamper my chances of becoming an Ophthalmologist? As eyes are an important asset for an Ophthalmologist to diagnose the patient's disease, will my ocular pathology hinder my ambition? For example, will my floaters interfere with the way I interpret the slit-lamp or ophthalmoscopic findings of my patients?

A:If you presently have retinal tears, those must be sealed by laser treatment early, to prevent future complications. Regarding the floaters that you have, the human brain tends to ignore these visual phenomena & being myopic should not be a determent if you want to become an Ophthalmologist.


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