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Will my son's myopia worsen if he doesn't wear specs?

Q: My son is nearly 5.5 years old. He has recently been prescribed spectacles with a cylindrical power of -3.25 in each of his eyes. The doctor has diagnosed the problem as a congenital defect. Can my son avoid spectacles for a few more years, without the problem worsening? Will this condition worsen even with spectacles?

A:Myopia is a condition where the size of the eyeball is bigger than normal so the rays of light cannot be focussed on the retina in the back of the eyes. Child can see near objects depending on the degree of myopia but not far objects that is why it is also called short sightedness. The degree of your child's myopia is not much and as children are only interested in near objects, he can manage without glasses for close work but he will need his glasses for looking at black/white board in school & TV, playing sports, etc. Whether he wears glasses or not, his myopia will increase as the size of the eyes will only increase with age as he grows physically. Make sure he does not read in poor light and does not keep his books too close to his face. Healthy eating & exercise regime also helps.


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