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Will my sister recover from brain haemorrhage?

Q: My sister, 35 years old, had a brain haemorrhage due to high BP. She had BP before this happened but was treated and the medicine was discontinued after consultation with the doctor. Immediate medical attention was given and she recovered. She has developed loss of memory. Now she is going in for surgery. I just want to know how effective this would be? Will she be the same as before?

A:Your sister had brain haemorrhage. Brain haemorrhage occurs due to many causes. Three chief causes are:

  • Rupture of arteries, mostly due to uncontrolled hypertension.
  • Rupture of abnormal twigs (usually developmental) of arteries and veins (called AV malformations).
  • Rupture of small berry like outpouchings from arteries called aneurysms.
  • Occasionally, in females (especially during pregnancy) the veins of the brain or their draining areas (called venous sinuses) can get blocked resulting in haemorrhages and areas of infraction. From the brief description that you have provided, it seems that your sister had brain haemorrhage due to the first cause. The effect of haemorrhage depends on location and side of the brain that is affected. I am not sure what kind of surgery is planned for her. Usually the surgery is reserved for the last two types mentioned above (AV malformations and aneurysms).


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