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Will my child, with learning difficulties, be able to graduate?

Q: My son is 10 years. He has learning difficulties; we had tested his IQ which was found to be 58 % with minor difficulties. Now, with age he has improved a lot more than before but still his speech is not clear, he cannot defend himself against others. He cannot make words on his own and in studies he is very poor and misses many words. He gets about 60% marks with tremendous effort. I want to know whether there is scope for him to improve? Will he be able to complete graduation in any field or not? Will he become mature enough and face the outside world? Please help me. I am very much worried about the size of his penis. It is very small and does not get erect as compared to other small children below his age too. Is this too because of his low mental development, do I need to consult some doctor? Here in Kuwait, the doctors are not so efficient, so could you please refer someone in Gujarat?

A:It is hard to predict whether your son will be able to complete graduation as it would depend on the amount of enrichment and special education provided to him. It would be better for you not to have very high academic expectations from him. Excelling in studies is not everything in life. He must be having some special talents. Try to identify and build on those. He is too young to be sexually mature. Do keep in touch with special educators, speech therapists and clinical psychologists. It is not possible to suggest any specific name of a specialist in Gujarat, but you could consult a clinical psychologist at any major hospital.


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