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Will medicines for cold adversely affect my pregnancy?

Q: I am 26 years old and 3 weeks pregnant. Last week I had severe cold and had to take some medicines. I took Crocin - Cold and Flu one night and the following antibiotics after consulting a doctor for four days - Metoxim 200 mg and Ambrodil-Plus. I am concerned if this would affect my pregnancy?

A:Cold is due to viruses. There is no use in taking any antibiotic, which can only do harm. Metoxim is the brand name; the name of the medicine is cefpodoxime. When this drug is sold in the United States, the accompanying literature (Product Information Leaflet) warns patients not to use it for cold. Its adverse effect if any during human pregnancy has not been studied; therefore the drug is to be used during pregnancy if absolutely essential and no alternative, safer medicine is available. However during experimentation the drug was given to pregnant animals and no adverse effect on pregnancy or fetus were found. It is unlikely that it would have adverse effect on your pregnancy. Ambrodil Plus contains many ingredients, one of them is phenylpropanolamine (PPA). PPA is banned in all advanced countries because it can cause stroke. One should only take decongestants that do not contain PPA such as Sinarest. However it would not have any adverse effect on pregnancy. As far as possible, one should never use any drug during pregnancy except folic acid (sold as Folet) 5 mg daily and iron products if there is anaemia.


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