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Will keratitis lead to loss of vision later on?

Q: My son is 17 years old and suffering from peripheral keratitis in the left eye. We have been seeing an eye-specialist who has changed several medicines to cure this in the past few months. As per the doctor this condition is recurring and my son will grow out of it once he is an adult. Currently he has been prescribed Vigamox, Acular, Optilone eye drops along with Tobrex ointment and Neoday tablets. Though the doctor also mentioned that he does not fear loss of eye-sight but I am worried as to what could be the permanent solution to this problem. Is there any enhanced treatment/ surgery required for this?

A:It seems that your son is suffering from spring catarrh, which can cause keratitis and should get better as he grows older. This condition does not respond to treatment quickly and vision does not get affected either however chronic nature of this condition causes bother to patients. This is usually caused by allergy to something like grass or pollen and affects both eyes. He seems to be getting too much treatment. If it is peripheral keratitis just in one eye, find out what is causing this in the first place.


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