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Will IntraLase surgery leave me with any residual eye power?

Q: I am a 19 years old male. I underwent preliminary tests prior to performing LASER surgery in my eyes. I have a power of -13 in my right eye and -13.25 in my left eye including astigmatism. My corneal thickness is 569 in the right and 562 in the left. Will IntraLase surgery be effective in my case? Will I get any residual power after the surgery? If yes, when will the residual power develop?

A:For your refractive error we need to assess you carefully using pentacam, wavescan and perform a dilated retinal evaluation before the final treatment can be decided for you. IntraLase allows correction of higher powers since the flap can be made more precise and is safer in such situations. But a complete examination is necessary before that. We would be aiming at a full correction of your refractive error and not leave a residual power. Other options like ICL (implanatable contact lenses) can also be explored depending on your reports.


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