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Will I overcome the paralysis?

Q: I am 57 years old staying alone. I woke up one morning and found my face shape felt different, I couldn’t speak properly, my tongue was slipping and at evening my blood pressure was 220/130 mmHG. Then my doctor advised me a MRI brain test and my reports indicate:- - Infarcts in bilateral paraventricular parietal and both lentiform nucleus region. - Small old infarcts in bilateral lentiform nucleus region. - Ischaemic lesions in left thalamic region. My doctor told me I had hadsuffered a small paralysis attack and 2 clots had formed on my left side brain area. Right now am taking Inditel H, Amlokind-5, Preva-75, Crestor-10mg. Now please advise me some good treatment and some good tips for reducing weight and treating the clots.

A:The clinical data sent by you suggests a left thalamic ischaemic infarct (stoppage of blood supply to that part of the brain). 1. You will need MR/CT angio of your neck and brain to delineate the vascular integrity of your cerebrovasculature. 2. An ECHO and lipid profile will be helpful. 3. The medications prescribed by your doctor are the usual drugs given in this situation. 4. You will gradually recover in due course of time. You must stop smoking, alcohol, saturated fats in your diet and embark on an exercise regimen.


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