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Will I have to get this fetus aborted too?

Q: I am 25 years old married for the last 2.5 years. Due to certain reasons, I had an abortion done two years back after which I conceived again but sadly had a missed abortion again early this year. By God's grace, I have recently conceived again. My LMP was 17/08/05. I saw 4-5 spots of blood and I rushed to the hospital and got an ultrasound done and this is what it said: CRL of 9.3 mm corresponding to 7 weeks; cardiac activity visualised and FHR 156 bpm; small peri-sac bleed seen on TVS; Yolk sac is seen and Decidual Reaction is adequate. Could you please explain the ultrasound report and what was that blood all about? Since I have had a missed abortion, do you think CVS would be required and how can I assure that my baby is doing fine?

A:The ultrasound report shows a live fetus (baby) which is good. However, the bleeding indicates threatened abortion- i.e. a high risk for an abortion. You should take bed rest, abstain from sex, and take Folic acid 5 mg daily, and micronised progesterone - either as vaginal tablets, or oral tablets, or vaginal gel (IMPORTANT). You can consult your doctor and she will write the prescription for you. Advantage of vaginal gel is that it gets absorbed completely, and is devoid of some side effects associated with oral tablets (especially giddiness, which some patients experience). However, if you are hesitant to insert any medicine vaginally, you can go for the oral tablets - 200 mg twice a day. You should also get some tests done urgently - 1. Blood for TORCH complex - IgG & IgM 2. Blood testing for antiphospholipid antibodies - i.e anticardiolipin and antilupus anticoagulant antibodies. Also, other routine tests should be done, as per your past and family history.


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