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Will I get rid of my squint problem after surgery?

Q: I am 18 years old and have a squint in my eyes. I also have a lazy eye. Is it possible to correct it at this age? I have heard that post-surgery remedies can take one month to make the eyes straight. Are there any risks of the surgery like can I go blind? Is squint hereditary?

A:Yes, it is possible to make the eyes straight at your age, but as one eye is lazy, it may not remain straight. This surgery will be for cosmetic improvement only like plastic surgery, but the brain takes over and keeps the eyes straight. Only risk is under or over correction of squint and your surgeon will be able to give you more detail. There is no risk of going blind unless the surgeon perforates the eye, as this operation only involves eye muscles outside the eyeballs.. Squint is usually hereditary, but not always. When you have your own children, make sure they are tested for vision and any refractive error before three years of age when vision can be corrected and squint prevented or cured. It is much less likely to be cured or vision improved after about six years of age.


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