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Will Duoluton have any adverse effects on pregnancy?

Q: I got my periods 2 months ago and the bleeding ended normally in 5 days. I was scheduled to have periods again next month, but they never happened. I think I got pregnant, but I did not confirm it. Since I did not have periods that month, I began taking Duoluton L. I have completed the course of 21 tablets today. Now I am worried whether I have lost the baby due to the medication, if I were pregnant. If I am pregnant, will the medicine prove risky to the pregnancy?

A:Duoluton-L is not allowed to be taken by women who are either pregnant or suspected to be pregnant. Due to ethical reasons, it is not possible to conduct clinical trials to determine the effect of the medicine in pregnant women. However, inadvertent intake of OCs such as Duoluton-L in early pregnancy has neither affected the foetus nor caused any birth defects.


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