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Will chocolates affect my child's health?

Q: My two year old boy forcibly demands 2-3 chocolates everyday. Although I resist, but he's adamant. Please tell me whether its ok to give him one or two chocolates everyday? Will this lead to any health problems in my child?

A:If your son eats two or three chocolates he will lose the appetite for other foods. Chocolates only have sugar and butter in them which are sources of calories and fats and will not help in the development of muscles, bones etc. You should develop your child's interest in eating regular food cooked at home. Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals are essential for health. Make food with low spices and serve it attractively. Regular eating of chocolates will also affect his teeth adversely and may lead to caries and so on. Also include milk in the daily diet of your child. The best thing is not to store a lot of candies at home. The child should ideally have only two of them per week, given as a special thing or for a special event. Talk to the child while he is eating food. Make it fun for him to eat good food made at home, with love and care. Also avoid cold drinks for the child. If soft drinks are kept in the home, the child is sure to demand them. Be patient and firm and the child will learn to eat well.


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