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Will Betafoam help the hair to grow back on the scalp?

Q: I have a hair problem and consulted a doctor, who prescribed me Zinc tablets and Betafoam for external application. What would be the impact of that foam? Will I get my hair back to its original form? I used to take oil bath once a week. He recommended not doing that, as it will cause hair to fall more. What is the best solution for this?

A:Falling of hair is a sign and not a diagnosis. The best course of action is to first find the reason and then treat it. In some cases it is due to hereditary reasons. Unfortunately in many cases the cause can not be determined; hence doctors resort to blind therapy and hope it will work. Betafoam solution contains a potent steroid called betamethasone. It is used in inflammatory conditions of scalp. Even though it is for external use, some amount does get absorbed into the body and may in some cases lead to high blood sugar and sugar in urine (just like diabetics). Curiously one of the documented and reported side effects of Betafoam is alopecia (i.e. loss of hair)! You have not given adequate details of your problem: Hair problem is too vague. Are your hair not growing or or they falling? You have also not mentioned the extent of hair loss, the period during which this loss took place etc. If your problem is lack of hair growth, I am afraid Betafoam may not be of much help. On the other hand if your hair are falling, and if you have severe problem you can try Betafoam cautiously for a few days but make sure you wash the scalp straight away after applying and wash your hands thoroughly.


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