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Will be there be any problem in future to conceive?

Q: I got married last year. My periods were irregular from the beginning and my last but one cycle came after 1 month 20 days. After that I didn't get periods. I have tested myself at home for pregnancy which was negative. As I was suffering from severe stomach pain on the left side, I consulted the doctor and underwent ultrasonic pelvic test which showed polycystic ovaries. I am taking Ayurvedic medicine for that and the doctor has warned me that because of the medicines I may have conceived. After taking medicines for 10 days I didn't get periods. So I took a pregnancy test which was positive. As we have some personal problems we are not planning a kid now. So I am planning to get an abortion. My Question is will be there be any problem in future in conceiving?

A:People with polycystic ovaries do have irregular periods. So sometimes one can get pregnant without knowing. What kind of contraception were you on when you got pregnant? Generally, abortion done in a medical/sterile environment does not result in infertility. PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome)does cause some problems with getting pregnant. I would urge you to get on some effective contraceptive if you do not want to get pregnant again after the therapeutic abortion. It is not a good idea to use abortion as a contraceptive device. Fortunately, there are many safe and effective contraceptive options available these days.


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