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Will an arcuate uterus lead to problem in conceiving?

Q: I have a problem of arcuated uterus. Will I be able to give birth to a child?

A:I wonder how you were diagnosed to have an arcuate uterus? You have not mentioned whether or not you went in for the diagnosis by ultrasound or HSG because of inability to conceive or recurrent pregnancy loss. Most of the reports in the medical literature state that the outcome of pregnancy in women with an arcuate uterus is better than those with other congenital uterine anomalies. However, the success rates quoted of having a live baby have varied from equal to those with a normal uterus (as reported in a review article by Lin PC in 2004 ) to 20% (as reported by Nozer Sheriar in 2001). Woelfer and co-workers (2001) have reported a significant increase in second trimester abortions and preterm labour, Grimbeizen and co-workers (2001) have reported a 65% term delivery rate, Rajo and co-workers (1997) have reported live birth rates of 83%, and Acien et al (1993) have reported viable birth rates (not necessarily term) of 45%. Arcuate uterus generally does not result in infertility. In my opinion, you should not have a problem in conceiving, but you do have a higher risk of having a preterm baby which can survive, if the delivery is not too early and provided you deliver in a tertiary hospital with good NICU facility. On the other hand you may be one of the lucky ones to have a term delivery without any problem.


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