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Will albumin in urine affect kidney function?

Q: I am a 30 years old male who is suffering from diabetes for the last 20 years. Now albumin is present in my urine 2+ and 3+. I underwent kidney scan, which came normal. Blood urea and creatinine reports also came normal. The doctor gave me Telminorm (20 mg) and Ramace (2.5 mg). Before taking medicine, my 24 urine albumin was 900 mg, but after one month it is 400 mg. My parents are arranging my marriage but I am afraid about this condition. Will albumin in urine affect kidney function?

A:You have evidence of increased protein/albumin leakage in urine which signifies chronic kidney injury or disease (CKD) possibly a fall out of diabetes. You would need continuos monitoring and control of your blood sugar and cholesterol, weight and blood pressure in years ahead while leading a normal lifestyle with good share of exercise/physical activity. As long as the risk factors for progressive chronic kidney disease are under control as mentioned, you should be able to lead a healthy life for decades to come. You can certainly marry and lead a normal lifestyle even with CKD.


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