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Why was my sac empty on the ultrasound?

Q: Two months ago, I had my periods for almost 2 weeks, which stopped but the severe abdominal cramps continued. My periods continued to be normal after that. I had a pregnancy test, which was negative. My doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound four weeks later, which showed an empty sac. I am rescheduled for another to see if anything appears, as they say it may be too early to tell if a fetus is present. I am looking for a second opinion as to why the pregnancy test was negative. What does an empty sac mean? Should I be concerned? If there is no fetus present, what happens to this sac? Do I need medication to abort if there is not fetus present? Please advise.

A:An empty sac could be a very early pregnancy or a kind of abortion where the fetus does not develop. If this is confirmed, then you need to undergo abortion (cleaning of uterus) which can be done medically or surgically or by a combination of the two methods. The choice depends upon various factors including how big your uterus is, whether or not you have medical problems, allergy to certain drugs etc. The pregnancy test (if done on urine) can be a false negative if the sensitivity of the kit is not high, or the kit has not be stored at the correct (recommended) temperature. It can also be negative if you had an ectopic pregnancy (pregnacy outside uterus) which has been disturbed (which, according to the ultrasound report is not so). It is best to correlate the ultrasound findings with the clinical findings an the blood beta HCG test. Your obstetrician will be the best person to guide you. Too many opinions (without examination) can, at times, do more harm than good.


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