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Why my baby is not opening his eyes?

Q: My 7 days old baby boy is not opening his eyes properly. I consulted an eye specialist and he told me that this is due to a disease called micro cornea. The inside size of the eye is small in comparison to normal eyes and also the sight is not normal. In the first two days there was some discharge from his eyes and we put Ciplox eye drops as directed by the doctor for 7 days. Still he is not opening his eyes. Is there any cure for the same?

A:Micro cornea is a hereditary disease. The size of the eye can be normal or small. If the internal structures are healthy, the child may start seeing the world, slowly. At about 4 months age, get a good refraction done to see if there is any sight numbers. There are several diseases such eyes are prone for, like Glaucoma, nystagmus, etc. Repeated eye check ups are important. Ask the paediatrician if there are any associated abnormalities.


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