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Why is there an excessive weight gain during pregnancy?

Q: I am 18 weeks pregnant.My weight has gone up from 54kg to 63kgs in the last 4 months. My random blood sugar was 170mg/dl and after a week when I rechecked, the fasting value was 90mg/dl and 100mg/dl (PP). Could this be the reason for the weight gain or is there any chance of twin foetuses?

A:A weight gain of 9Kgs in first 4 months is definitely abnormal. I hope the 2 measurements were taken on a weighing machine giving the correct readings. I suggest you get an Ultrasound of the uterus done, and also a 100gm oral GTT, with samples taken Fasting, and after 1hr, 2hrs and 3hrs of taking the 100gms of glucose. This is beccause your random sugar was slightly high. Also, make sure you are not developing toxemia of pregnancy - get your BP checked and your urine examined for albumin, sugar and microscopically. But, most importantly, you should first be examined by your obstetrician. Doing tests first is NOT correct - it should be the other way around- because the lab. technicians need correct clinical findings to recheck their test results before signing them out. Best wishes.


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