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Why is the skin on the penis dark?

Q: I have a circumcised penis with skin tags for several years. I masturbate heavily. Two years back a white spot appeared on the sulcus. I applied some antifungal ointment and it resolved. But the skin on the sulcus turned black. The black spot extended and gradually the shaft also turned dark. What I should do? The doctor I consulted said electro-dessication will help.

A:I am very sure that being circumcised or masturbating does not contribute to any one of the conditions you have mentioned. Only one point needs to be clarified is that what you are calling tags could very well be warts - please get the diagnosis confirmed. As far as the shaft turning dark is concerned I believe this part of the anatomy is more darkly pigmented than other areas of the body in males. I do not know of any medication causing the penis to turn darker. Kindly consult a local dermatologist and only upon seeing the condition can one comment with any degree of accuracy.


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