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Why is the PP blood sugar value higher than the fasting value?

Q: My husband has been diagnosed with diabetes 6-7 months back. His blood sugar reading is fasting: 120, 122, 123 and PP: 202, 250, 260 (checked thrice in a week). He is taking Glycophase, Atorva for his high cholesterol and Aten25 for his BP and Ocid for acidity. Recently, the doctor gave him Ofloxacin antibiotic (as the ultrasound showed some obstacle in his left kidney). He has already gone through PCNL bilateral for kidney stones, one 12 mm and the other 22 mm. I would like to now if my husband has type II diabetes or I? Also, why is his PP blood sugar reading so high and increasing so rapidly than the fasting blood sugar reading?

A:1. Your husband has Type 2 Diabetes. 2. The PP Blood sugar is usually higher like this. It is related to the food, both quantity as well as quality. If the total amount of calories is high, the blood sugar is going to be high, if food is easily digestible and absorbed quickly, then again blood glucose is going to be high. Hence, a diabetic should eat small and frequent meals i.e. total calories split in six parts. This is not difficult: a light breakfast, followed 3-3.5 hours later by a light snack (both put together - normal breakfast) again light lunch followed by evening tea 3-3.5 hours later and same with dinner and before sleep a snack. We normally advise 3 main meals and 2 snacks & tea. Thus dividing total calories of the day is not difficult. No fasting and heavy feasting is allowed. Interval between last meal of the day at night and first meal in morning should not be more than 8 hours. This pattern should help your husband to control his PP blood glucose. If it still does not, then certain drugs are available, which are specifically meant for PP control, as these drugs act very fast and their action is over within 2-3 hours. These drugs have to be taken just before each main meal (if meal is missed then the drug is also missed).


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