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Why is my wife’s fetus not developing properly?

Q: My 29 years old wife has conceived last year but after two months and 22 days, she had some blood discharge. We consulted a doctor and my wife underwent a scan. After that doctor suggested her to abort the baby as there was no cardiac activity and the growth was below normal. I am suffering from thyroid for the last 11 years and taking medicine regularly. The doctor has prescribed medicine for abortion, but after taking it the bleeding didn’t stop for another 20 days. Then we consulted another doctor who suggested DNC and did it. The doctor also tested for thyroid, TORCH and all other tests. Everything came normal. Now she has conceived again. I consulted a doctor who prescribed injection Provogial 5000 I/V for every week, Folical and Progestron. But after two months and three days, she took her third injection. After that, she had a black spot and next day black liquid thereafter bleeding started .When I went to the doctor she did an ultrasound and suggested medicines for a week and gave one more injection. The sonography was repeated, which showed that there is a growth problem in the baby but for only five weeks. Now she is completely on bed rest but still the condition is not satisfactory. Please suggest.

A:You will have to get a scan done again to confirm a missed abortion If it is so, you will require cleaning by suction evacuation/medicines (but then bleeding can go on for a long time).

Your wife needs to be investigated for this missed abortion. I think the injection was to be given I/M and not I/V.

Please consult an experienced gynecologist. Your wife needs to have diabetes and thyroid dysfunction ruled out. Also, your wife should be tested for antiphospholipid antibodies.

If D& C is done it is worthwhile to send the products of conception for histopathological examination as well as karyotyping (if possible). Also, I suggest blood karyotyping for you and your wife (chromosomal analysis).


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