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Why is my wife not producing enough breast milk?

Q: My wife (24 years old) delivered a male baby 4 months ago by a Caesarian section. All tests and reports prior to the Caesarian were normal. However during the operation, due to heavy bleeding, the doctor decided to conduct hysterectomy and asked us for our decision and told us that it is compulsory and necessary to do hysterectomy immediately. Since we had to decide in half an hour, we said yes. Post delivery and post hysterectomy, my wife is not able to produce any breast milk. The baby is keeping fine health and is on Lactogen-1. Why is my wife not able to produce breast milk? I consulted the gynaecologist who performed the operation about the problem and she gave some medicines to produce breast milk, but she also cautioned that they may not be of any use. Hence my wife did not take those medicines. The baby is 4 months old now. Are there any medications, without side affects which help in producing breast milk? Please advise.

A:Your wife is probably unable to produce enough breast milk as a result of the difficult operative and post-operative period along with some degree of mental anxiety. If the baby is well on lactogen, I would not worry. At the age of 4 months rather than trying to increase the amount of breast milk it would be easier and more sensible to start adding weaning foods.


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