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Why is my vision still cloudy after a cataract surgery?

Q: I got a cataract operation done on my right eye at a famous medical trust hospital, in Kerala. I have followed eye drops and eye care as suggested by the doctor. Now two months are going to get over but still there is no clear vision. I am not able to read as the vision is cloudy. How many will months it take to get me clear vision?

A:Cloudy vision after cataract surgery could be due to various causes, depending upon which site of the eye is affected. Starting from the front surface of the eye, there could be corneal oedema (swelling of the cornea), iritis (inflammation of the coloured portion of the eye), posterior capsular opacification (opacity of the outer covering of the natural lens; this covering is usually left behind to support the intraocular lens), cystoid macular edema (inflammation of the central part of the retina), or a pre-existing disorder of the retina such as age-related macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy. If the eyesight of the affected eye has been weak since childhood (amblyopia or lazy eye ), there is likely to be poor visual recovery after cataract surgery. Only after a detailed ophthalmic examination, including a retinal examination after dilating the pupils, can one determine the cause for decreased vision after cataract surgery and advise regarding further treatment.


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