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Why is my son suffering from green diarrhoea?

Q: My eight months old son frequently suffers from green diarrhoea. He recovers after taking medicines (Norfloxacin & Metronedazole). But after 7-10 days, the same problem arises again. He weighs 8.5 kg. He usually takes cow milk 3-4 times per day, soft rice, vegetable soup etc. Recently, a doctor told us that the cow milk is causing the problem and advised us to try Zerolac. Should we continue Zerolac or try Lactogen or anything? Please suggest his diet chart also.

A:Your son is 8 and a 1/2 months old. Is he taking some breast feeds or not? If yes, then you can stop other milk and try giving him 3-4 semisolid non-milk based diets. You have not mentioned about stool examinations. Every time he has loose motions and is given antibiotics, do the stools show significant pus cells? What is the stool pH and reducing substances? If the pH is below 5 and the reducing substances are positive in stool, then it indicates lactose intolerance. Lactose is the sugar present in cows milk and most regular milk formula. If he has evidence of lactose intolerance then changing milk to non lactose formula like Zerolac may help. If he is having recurrent infective diarrhoea as indicated by stool examination and his response to antibiotics, then you should get his immunoglobulin levels checked especially IgA and secretory IgA if possible. Regarding his diet give him rice, dal, banana, daliya (without milk), soft green vegetables in mashed form.


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