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Why is my son behaving badly?

Q: My 5 years old child is exceptionally intelligent and good at grasping things. On the flip side, he grasps even the bad things like foul language and is quick to start using it as well. He is hyperactive and loves to irritate kids around and provoke them by pushing them, making faces, etc. How do I manage his behaviour? He becomes isolated and ignored due to this and no amount of explanation with love, scolding, timeouts punishments have been able to reform him. Please suggest.

A:Your son is only 5 years old and you are talking about - reforming him. Expose him to what you wish him to know, since he picks up language very quickly. If his friends isolate him when he is not nice, that may be the best way of getting him to play with others. You have to be patient and firm and not expect a simple formula for a solution.


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