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Why is my right eye smaller then the left one?

Q: I am using lenses since I was in the 7th standard. My left eye power is -5 and right eye is -8. When I look in the mirror, the right eye looks smaller as compared to the left and the right eye does not give full vision. Also they do not look aligned. Can you suggest why it is like this and what precautions do I need?

A:If you feel the appearance of the right eye is smaller than the left eye with glasses(spectacles) on, then it might be due to the difference in glass power between the two eyes. You can go for High index glass lenses as the thickness of the lenses will be less and the difference in the appearance of the two eyes will be minimised. The reason for the poorer vision in the right eye also seems to be the difference in power between the two eyes, the right eye has been partially ignored by the brain leading to a lazy eye. There are no tablets or tonics which could improve vision. You need to get the retina checked every year and report in case of any sudden flashes or floaters. Also, you can consider wearing contact lenses OR go for Lasik Laser correction of power to get rid of glasses, by a cornea specialist.


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