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Why is my mother having involuntary blinking?

Q: My mother is 57 years old and doesn't suffer from any major illness. Her family has a history of diabetes, but thankfully she is not diabetic. Last year, she started seeing colours as haze sometimes. We did a complete checkup with an ophthalmologist and he suggested some eye exercises and she recovered very well. Now, we have noticed that her eyelids (especially of the right eye) keep on blinking involuntarily and it is causing her a lot of mental tension. We again did a checkup and the doctors said it is okay but I heard that I have to get it tested by a neurologist? What should I do?

A:Your mother's problem could be due to tiredness, psychological stress or dry eyes. It is very rare to have neurological problems in such a case. Try to relax and use eye drops like hypromellose 0.3% or viscotears or liquifilm tears. Sometimes it may be bad enough to need botox or long acting local anaesthetic injection. See an eye specialist if symptoms do not improve.


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