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Why is my father unable to lift his hand?

Q: My father is 80 years old. He always looks sleepy and feels giddy. Recently he was unable to lift his right hand. Last week he had fever and we took him to a doctor, who advised us to get CT scan of brain. The report says - sections of brain were performed in axial planes without contrast. The ventricular system is dilated, subarachnoid spaces are widened, there is hypodensity in left basal ganglia, there is no shift of midline structures, rest of brain parenchyma shows normal attenuation values, posterior fossa structures appear normal. What may be the problem?

A:It appears that your father had an episode of less blood supply to the brain called stroke. Fortunately he has recovered. He should be investigated for the cause of less blood supply. I am sure some tests must have been done already. This includes blood count, sugar, urea, cholesterol, triglycerides and an ECG and colour Doppler of the neck vessels. His BP should also be checked. If blood tests, ECG & neck Doppler are not done, it is worth consulting a neurology specialist.


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